We work in small groups of up to 10 to 12 students.
If the group is bigger, then there is a helper who assists the teacher during the lesson.

This enables the sessions to be stimulating and highly interactive where every child is engaged and no one is left behind, as the teacher will adapt according to the group's needs.

Each Borough will have its own criteria. Traditionally, entrance exams consisted of any combination of Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Recently, more and more boroughs have chosen to test using the CEM model of testing.
This is a combination of Maths, English and Reasoning. Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning are generally not taught in schools, unless the school runs an eleven plus programme.
For full details about you borough, please contact us and we can forward to you the relevant information.

The Eleven Plus Exam is a transfer test, which is administered at the end of year 5.
It was created originally in 1944 by The Butler Act, and was used to allocate children into the most appropriate type of school. (grammar, technical or secondary modern). The Eleven Plus Exam tests children's academic rigour and reasoning skills.
The tests contain Maths, English and Reasoning and the format of the test varies according to which company is being used by the borough.
It is not a compulsory test in most boroughs

It is never too early to start instilling the basic. English and Maths that your child will need, but we recommend that you start preparing a year before the exam.
For scholarships to Independent schools, we would advise that you start in the autumn when your child is in Year 4.
For eleven plus, RTG run a 2-year programme. Our experience has shown that the children who achieve the best results are those who have managed to gain a solid foundation with us when in Year 4.
They are then more able to take on the challenges of the Eleven Plus programme in Year 5, leading up to the exam.


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