Why Choose RTG Mock Exams

RTG run 11 plus mock exams which are tailored specifically for each of the three exam boards.

Why RTG?

Every paper is written and specifically tailored to each examining board by specialist in-house tutors, who know the 11 Plus curriculum thoroughly and teach it weekly. Every paper is rigorously reviewed as it needs to closely correspond with the type of paper your child will sit and not a generic paper. This achieves more than just exam practice.

It will give your child a ‘trial run’, before the big day, so they know what to expect.

Why mock exams are great for students?

Why does my child need to sit a mock exam?. The 11 Plus Exam is probably the first ‘formal’ exam your child will sit. It is one of the few exams, which cannot be retaken.

You have worked with your child (or have employed someone to do so) over the past several months. The anxiety is building as the time gets closer. The big day is looming ever nearer. Your child is probably more anxious than you are.

Sitting a mock exam will remove some of the unknown aspects of exam nerves. You child will become familiar with exam conditions as well as the exam format. (Each exam board will not only have its own format, but will administer the test differently).
Studies have shown that tuition pushes marks up by as much as 25%, and sitting mocks will improve that mark further. Sitting a mock exam will mean that going into the final exam, your child will be relaxed enough to be able to focus on the exam rather than what will happen next.

How are RTG Mock Exams different?

At this stage, these are the final checks being done.

Prompt feedback:

For students:

RTG is one of very few companies who will give the child a chance to ask questions and go through the paper with the child immediately after the exam. This helps to pinpoint the exact areas where each child struggles and to clarify any misconceptions.

This is backed up by research, which shows that instant clarification of misconceptions creates the greatest impact in learning.

RTG Mock Exams are set under real exam conditions with professional invigilators.  The exams are carried out in comfortable, safe setting, giving you peace of mind. All RTG staff members have DBS clearance.

For parents:

You will receive a detailed written report within 1 to 3 days in plain English for every paper that your child sits. This will give a breakdown by question of how your child did as well as a comparison of ranking. You will also receive recommendations for further practice, in order for your child to close any gaps in knowledge.

In depth knowledge:

We do not employ writers (in the UK or abroad), who have no or limited knowledge of the demands 11 Plus Exam.  RTG Tuition has been very successfully working with children since 2007.  We have successfully helped children gain admission to grammar schools nationwide and are very versed in the needs of the child.

For this reason, we understand the demands of the 11 Plus Exam. Unlike most other mock exams, the children are given the opportunity to fine tune before the actual exam.

What parents say about RTG Mocks Exams:

When a parent was asked what she thought about the RTG Mock exams, she said, “for the first time I could systematically pinpoint very specific gaps in my child’s knowledge. The more exams she did meant that she not only had practice, but it helped me to realise if it is a one off or a persistent problem. The exams were so crucial as it gave me the map of what was in her head. It is not the same as doing exercises by topic. This the bit where I could fine tune and close any unseen possibilities.”

Should my child sit mock exams with more than 1 provider?

If your child is sitting mock exams with different providers, you need to ensure that the papers with the different providers are not from the same source. This is because many providers buy in their mock papers. Your child may therefore end up sitting the same paper if the supplier is the same for your providers.

Please ensure that you have checked the source of the paper when sitting the exam with more than 1 provider.  Not all mock exams supply full-length papers.

RTG Mock Exams are full-length papers, with a similar level of difficulty to the final exam, thus giving you a realistic indication of your child’s current level under exam conditions. At RTG, no two papers are the same. Thus, your child will never repeat a paper.


RTG take safeguarding extremely seriously and have a safeguarding policy in place. We are also OFSTED registered. No information about your child will be revealed to anyone outside RTG.

How many papers should my child sit?

Research has shown that sitting several tests actually enhances performance:

Frequent testing leads students to space their study efforts, permits them and their instructors to assess their knowledge on an ongoing basis, and - most important for present purposes serves as a powerful mnemonic aid for future retention. 

Source: (Balota, Duchek, Sergent-Marshall, & Roediger, in press; Landauer & Bjork, 1978; Logan & Balota, 2005; Spitzer, 1939).

For CEM Exams:

We would recommend that if your child is doing CEM, you do a mixture of papers A & B and C & D (from any set) so that they can experience all the different question types that could come up in the real thing. We also recommend doing a mock exam as early as possible so that if there are any issues, you have enough time to address them.

For Essex Exams:

No two papers are the same. For this reason, we would recommend that you book into the first exam, thereby giving you the opportunity to book further exams, should you feel that your child needs more practice.

For these reasons we are offering out first mock exam to our current year 5 students for free.

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