Achieving a Scholarship

Scholarships Awards

Scholarships are where schools provide financial assistance for families for a child’s private school fees. They vary from 25% to 100% and given if the school’s criteria are met. Scholarships are not dependant on the parents’ income. Within the exam paper, there are usually some challenging questions which are deemed scholarship questions, but different schools work differently. Most independent schools give scholarships for various talents, including music, art and sports, but the majority of scholarships tend to be for the child’s academic ability. If the schools deem a child shows potential, then they may well consider offering a scholarship.


Bursaries however, which are means tested; the parents’ income is taken into account.
At RTG, we have a great deal of experience of helping children achieve scholarships. Please speak to a member of staff if you would like to discuss this further.

Tips for preparing for scholarships

Academic scholarships
Each school will have its own method of assessing for scholarships. The common core will be that there will academically challenging questions and an interview. It is important enough time is given to preparation for scholarship; it is important that the child is relaxed and confident at the interview. Parents are often interviewed too. This is much more of a formality, but it is important that the parents also come across as relaxed and not overly pushy.

Non- academic scholarships
There are generally fewer non- academic scholarships available than academic ones. It is important that your child stands out from the crowd; this can be done in several ways. You can go through with your child and prepare a portfolio or CV to show their milestones and achievements. This will help during the interview process as it will be fresh in the child’s mind, and consequently, the child will be relaxed.


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