11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Tuition

The 11+ exam is about testing your child’s aptitude and the importance of a well-rounded education cannot be stressed enough. We at RTG have the experience to prepare your child for the 11 plus exams.

The key to success at 11 Plus is a strong foundation.

Our 11 plus curriculum is completely adaptable allowing us to create a programme that meets your child’s individual needs. It’s all about identifying your child’s current level of mastery and stretching and challenging from that point.
Non-verbal reasoning a core subject within both the CEM and GL based 11 plus tests. 11 plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests consist of a series of diagrammatic questions, designed to test how well a pupil can analyse visual information, and solve problems by using visual logic.

During a 11 plus Non-Verbal Reasoning assessment, the child will experience the following type of questions:

  • Identifying which shape is the odd shape out.
  • Working out cube nets and how shapes will look when folded.
  • Mirror images and reflections.
  • Working out which diagram comes next in a sequence.
  • Finding 2 identical shapes in a series.
  • Rotations and symmetry.

Each 11 plus non-verbal reasoning question typically contains 3 to 5 shapes, along with 3 to 5 answers from which you can choose.

Most GL 11+ exams are either Standard Format (where answers are written in spaces next to the question) or Multiple Choice (where answers are marked in a separate answer book). The length of test papers varies, although 45 minutes is the most common exam time.

CEM papers are mixed, with one exam combining English and verbal reasoning and another combining Maths and non-verbal reasoning. Standard Format, Multiple Choice, or a combination may be used depending on school/region. In addition, the paper may quickly flit between a short Maths section, a longer problem-solving exercise, then some logic puzzles. Timings will be allocated to each section, and children will need to carefully manage the time they spend on each section. In CEM exams, there will typically be more questions than are likely to be answered in the time allocated, and the weighting of each subject for your child’s final mark will be unknown before the exam.

RTG offer both group based tuition and private 11 + tuition for non verbal reasoning and the other subjects in and around Essex. Our 11 plus private tutors are experienced in ensuring that pupils are fully prepared:

  • We assess your child’s Maths ability to pinpoint the areas that need attention for the Maths part of the 11 plus exam.
  • One of our tutors will then develop a course of tuition to ensure the student progresses to the right standard by the time of the exams. This course of tuition will involve a mixture of syllabus teaching and exam practice.
  • As part of preparing your child for both GL Assessment-examined test and CEM examined test we use plenty of past and practice papers to familiarise your child with the question types in each subject. (Plenty of exam prep using practice papers is also important for CEM, but the questions types that appear in the real exam are much more unpredictable.)
  • We also help children develop good exam technique – encouraging your child to pick off the questions they can answer easily or those that carry the highest marks.

Preparation for the 11+ usually begins at the start of Year 5, which ensures that the pupil has at least a year to familiarise himself or herself with the tests. It is essential the students prepare for their tests, and feel comfortable under working under timed conditions.

For more information

If you would like more information on how we can assist you and your child / children prepare for the 11 plus exams, please contact us. One of our experienced 11 plus tutors will be able to assist. Please call the number above to speak to one of our friendly staff or fill out the form on the homepage of our website.


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