11+ Mock Exams - GL/CSSE/CEM 2018 Open for booking

We are highly experienced in delivering 11 plus mock exams in both the CEM and GL format. Based in the Redbridge, we fully adopt the CEM, GL and Essex methods to ensure that every child receives the highest level of preparation for the 11+ entrance exams. RTG 11+ CEM Mock Exams,11+ GL Mock Exams and 11+ Essex Mock Exams are a fantastic way to prepare your child for 11+ entrance exams or common entrance exams.Our 2018 Mock Exam Courses are open for booking.

.How we can help:

  • We conduct extensive research to ensure that our 11+ mock exams reflect the style of questions, format & process carried out in the real 11+ exams.
  • Prepares children for the real exam - (In most cases, this is the first time your child will sit such a formal exam). Our mock exams help to alleviate any nerves or fears early on so that they can learn to focus on tackling the exam in a calm and composed manner.
  • Shows current level of ability - You will receive a confidential (detailed) ranking which demonstrates your child's current level of ability in relation to other children sitting the exam.
  • Every 11 plus mock exam is different and increases in difficulty – Each 11+ mock exam gradually increases in difficulty in the lead up to the real 11+ exam, ensuring the highest level of preparation.
  • 11 plus mock exams are suitable practice for the following schools: Ilford County High, Woodford County High, Chelmsford Girls School, Townley Grammar, Beths Grammar, Bexley Grammar, Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School, Henrietta Barnett etc.

  • We operate in three different locations Tuition Centers.

Why Choose RTG Mock Exams?

As close to the real 11 + CEM and GL Test

RTG’s test papers contain questions which are expected to be of a similar style and level of difficulty to the questions on the ‘real’ CEM and GL 11+ tests. Our test papers include a range of verbal reasoning (including English comprehension and vocabulary), numerical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning questions,

In common with other 11+ mock exam providers and in order to provide parents with accurate feedback, including the child’s ranking within the group, please note that the test papers are NOT released – as well as protecting the copyright in these unique and valuable resources, this is to ensure that no student has seen the test papers prior to attending an RTG 11 plus mock exam session.

Short Intensive Courses

Our short intensive courses or workshops usually take place during school holidays at Easter and Summer or half-term and are usually 3 days from 10 am to 4 pm The children are taught in small engaging groups, and the courses are designed to support and refine your child’s existing 11 plus preparation. They are not complete courses and are suitable for children who have already started 11 plus preparation and are familiar with some of the basic topics.

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  • Shook Liu
    "We have always been impressed with the personal and individual way you teach"
    Never in a million years did we ever think Mollie would ever achieve one of the ‘top Academic Scholarship Award’ at one of our two...

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  • Ileena Hantig
    "We can truly say that there was a massive improvement for him in all the subjects studied"
    My son was very happy while at RTG and we can truly say that there was a massive improvement for him in all the subjects studied. The teacher...

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  • Mrs K. S. Kumar
    "RTG is a very resourceful team, who structure the activities very carefully and execute it to perfection."
    RTG has been fundamental in the success of my son's 11+ exams. He was able to clear all the grammar and private school exams he sat for. RTG...

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